Cape Town water supply near ‘point of no return’ as reservoirs run dry

The drought-stricken South African city of Cape Town will introduce strict water supply rules for the residents. Cape Town’s 4 million residents are at verge of huge water shortage.

Due to the on-going drought and three years of below-average rainfall has reduced the water reservoirs by 70%.

Starting from Feb 1, the 50 litre/day rule will be implied for every person. Feb 1 is being called as “Day Zero”, as the residents will turn off their taps and will have to queue for water supplies at about 200 collection points in the city.

According the the reports, storage level of South Africa’s second largest dam serving the coastal city dropped from 29.7% to 28.7 percent in the last week.

Average daily water use of Cape Town residents in last week was 618 million litres, above the city’s target of 500 million litres. While the city’s authorities have asked the residents to limits the use even more in order to save the water.

Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille declared the city is heading close to “point of no return.”

“We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water. We must force them,” she told reporters.

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